“Annie worked with our global non-profit organization for many years and produced lots of materials, including publications, donor handouts, internal documents, guidebooks and much more. She was always a pleasure to work with, responded to requests and feedback quickly and was able to translate our vision into printed and digital materials. Annie was particularly great with being flexible, making sure to always meet deadlines and shifting her focus to work with different members of our team in all areas of our organization. Thank you, Annie!”
—Jen Rosen, COO, Moishe House

“I have been working with Annie since March 2017. She is easy to communicate with and is ridiculously fast to turn around projects which is always appreciated. Despite the speed, she still pays great attention to detail, is open to learning new things to meet client needs, and is fun and easy to work with — who doesn’t love that?”
—Holly Harper, Principal, Blue Bike Communications

“My colleague Annie Hunt is really incredible. She would be a tremendous asset to anyone that needs publications work. We have collaborated on many of my freelance projects. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
—Selena Robleto, Principal, Red Velvet Creative

“I have been wildly impressed with Annie’s attention to detail, creative eye and strict adherence to deadline. She is an utter delight to work with and her work is TERRIFIC!!
—Danielle St. Germain-Gordon, Director of Development, Guthrie Theater



One Response to “What do people think?”

  1. I have worked with Annie for over 4 years and she has an incredible work ethic and talent for graphic design. She always puts her clients first and her turnaround time is the best I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend using her for your upcoming projects. You will find an exceptional talent and a better person!
    -Director of Marketing and Communications at Moishe House

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